Cat's Claw Tea: A Multitude of Benefits

Trying to incorporate as many natural healing options into your life is much easier today than it once was. Learning about traditional healing is easier thanks to the internet, finding out about various herbal teas is simpler, and even ordering them is much easier. While it has always been simple enough to grow or obtain teas or herbs like thyme, spearmint, and lavender, the more exotic teas and herbs have long been difficult to find and expensive to buy. This isn't a major issue any longer, and herbal teas like cats claw tea are now easily available and relatively inexpensive. It's never been easier to take advantage of these rare herbs.

The cat's claw plant gets its name from the claw shaped thorns lining it, helping the vine climb up the massive trees found in its native South American jungles. The tribes in the region have utilized this plant for centuries due to its curative and preventative properties, but it is quickly growing in popularity throughout the civilized world as well. Numerous alkaloids, glycosides, and sterols are found in cat's claw tea along with many other compounds that help to provide it with its helpful properties.

Body Cleanser

One of the chief uses for cat's claw tea is that it can provide a tremendous boost to the immune system. It helps to enhance and properly balance your body's immune function and make it easier to fight off viruses, bacteria, fungus, and even parasites. There are also claims that it can help promote cancer fighting abilities within the body as well.

Pain & Discomfort Relief

You can also use cat's claw tea to help with eczema, dysentery, and some certain allergies. Simply put, this tea can provide real relief for a wide range of different symptoms. Users of the tea report relief from a number of different issues. It may lower blood pressure, reduce the appearance and the symptoms of arthritis, and prevent or lessen the severity of ulcers and other stomach issues.

Additional Benefits

There are even more benefits that cat’s claw tea can boast to its name. Many of these claims are yet to be backed by formal research; however there is a long history behind many of these benefits. Many claim that cat’s claw tea can help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle, ease symptoms of diabetes, and even prevention of heart attacks and heart disease. To take part in the many benefits that this tea has to offer you can prepare and drink a cup up to three times daily.

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